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Q: Describe a typical Interlude Tour Traveller.

A: Those who appreciate Interludes approach are those who enjoy going off the usual tourist tracks; like the security and companionship of small group travel; look to experience the real country and the locals; have a relaxed approach to travel; are of no particular age or status, though enjoy from 35-50 and up to 80+ age group tours; wish to have some free time for their own exploration and have a reasonable degree of physical fitness.

Q: Can I travel business or first class on the airline instead of economy class?

A: Yes, providing there is a seat available in the class you request and that you pay the appropriate fare.

Q: Will there be much walking during the tours?

A: The amount of walking done is up to the individual. However we do suggest you get reasonably fit before any holiday by taking daily walks.

Q: Do I need visas?

A: Visa requirements vary for different nationalities and depend on the countries visited during the tour. Visa advice is given with each tour reservation pack.

Q: I do not have a travel partner. Must I pay the single supplement?

A: Our prices are based on twin-share accommodation. Interlude Tours do not match share partners however if we know that another solo traveller of the same gender is interested in sharing, we offer to put you in touch with each other. If both agree to twin share we require written confirmation of that agreement from both parties. Otherwise we regret that the single supplement applies.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A: Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Surcharges apply. Each tour Reservation Pack contains a credit card authorisation form.

Q: What is Interlude Tours cancellation policy?

A: Please read our Terms and Conditions where all policies are clearly stated.

Q. Must I purchase travel insurance?

A: Yes. We require a copy of your travel insurance policy prior to departure. We strongly urge all tour participants to purchase travel insurance when they pay their tour deposit.

Q: What is the average age of the Interlude Tour traveller?

A: This varies with each tour. The age range is between 40–80 years young.

Q. I am rather independent and enjoy time to myself. On tour would I be obliged to always be with the rest of the group?

A: No. You can be totally independent when not travelling between destinations. You do not even have to join the pre-programmed local tours or group dinners that are included in the tour price if you don’t wish to. We ask that you advise your tour director when you are not going to participate in any pre-planned activities or meals and advise that there is no refund for these programmed inclusions if not taken. Most likely, you will quickly make friends on the tour and enjoy the group activities. Everyone has adequate free time to relax and enjoy their own pursuits and company.

Q. How do I get more information and a reservation form for a tour I am interested in?

A. Please contact Cathy or Christine via our contact page